Nervous about trying something new? Skeptical that these classes will offer anything different than prior classes you've taken? Worried that your cookies will look terrible or that you don't have enough experience to start? Don't worry, I got you! I've sold thousands of my online cookie decorating classes and here are just a few reviews from students that have taken my classes...

Grace makes the cookie decorating process fun and accessible for everyone. Her sense of humor and desire for everyone to be successful makes this learning process enjoyable. Her written materials are both beautiful and useful. ~Val C.

I just wanted to thank you for the AMAZING Christmas cookie tutorial and workbook. I am speechless. The quality of the content is amazing. And the recipes are to die for!! Thank you! I can't wait to take more!! You have such an incredible talent for teaching. I've taken 3 royal icing classes. This is the first one that made sense and didn't leave me in tears. I cannot thank you enough!!! I'm going to tell all my friends to take your classes!!! ~Elizabeth M.

For classes that are pre-recorded, they feel live! Grace really thinks of everything and makes sure she covers any questions she thinks may arise. Her classes are easy to follow, and by the end of the first class I bought on a whim, I had gorgeous AND delicious cookies! ~Betsy B.

Grace plans her classes with meticulous detail and provides clear step-by-step directions (and photos) of the process to achieve her designs. She is clearly an artist, but doesn't pitch her classes beyond the scope of most cookie decorators. You can make cookies that look (nearly) as good as hers, if you follow her plan. She is a content creator that is rare - one with both the artistic ability to create cohesive sets with colors, textures and designs that are aesthetically pleasing and the technical ability to execute the designs and show others how to do so as well. ~Alexandra H.

Grace’s class are creative and SO comprehensive. Whether you read instructions or use the video links, she has a friendly fun way of communicating information that makes it all seem doable. I am making the kind of cookies I always wanted to make, and while not yet 100% successful all the time, it has helped me create adorable gifts for friends and family and I now get requests from church and work to make cookies for special events! Thanks Grace, for giving me another way to unwind from a long work week while making something delicious and beautiful. ~Anneliza Itkor

Grace’s cookie decorating is perfect for me. She has a lovely voice and goes at a perfect speed to learn. She records without edits so she’s happy to show frosting faux pas’ and how to correct them. Additionally, it feels like I’m the room with her. She gives options for tool alternatives so anyone can be successful without buying a ton of supplies. I just love her classes. ~Kathi M

This prep work timeline was so helpful and the workbook was very complete and great reference!! ~Amy B.  

I absolutely loved this online class!! I’ve made royal icing cookies several times before but it’s never been as easy as this! I learned so many helpful tips and tricks like making sure I have the right icing consistency and how to hold the bag just right! I was nervous that it being online wouldn’t be enough but Grace gives such detailed instructions in the workbook and over the zoom that it was perfect! Can’t wait to take more classes in the future! ~Erin S. 

I love taking Grace's classes! She is very relatable while also making you feel like you can make your cookies look exactly like hers. The workbook is extremely detailed and gives a ton of good information. I highly recommend taking her class whether you're a beginner or not! ~Bethany H.

Everything about the classes is wonderful. I feel like such a professional cookier when I get done. She does an amazing job of explaining/demonstrating and has great tips that make decorating easier and fun. I always learn something new from her classes. ~Kristine M

From start to finish, Grace’s lighthearted approach and practical tips made the experience both enjoyable and educational. Upon completing her classes, I feel like a cookie decorating pro, armed with newfound skills to create professional-looking cookies. ~Karla O.

I love how your classes are so easy! Step by step lays everything out. Looks scary? Nope, not the way you explain it! You made/make me feel confident in trying new skills & I gave learned SO much!! Thank you, Grace! ~Tegan G

I love taking Grace’s classes! The detailed PDFs with preparation steps with linked videos and the live or pre-recorded class both make me feel as though Grace is in the kitchen with me teaching me how to decorate. I’ve learned a new hobby because of Grace and am so proud of the skills I’ve learned. Friends and family have also been so impressed with the cookie classes that they think the output is professional quality! ~Megan T.

From Beginners: 

Grace's class was a ton of fun! She is an excellent teacher. I'm brand new to royal icing and cookie decorating and Grace explained everything very well and kept it fun. Thanks to her and this class, I've found a new hobby! ~Dayna B.

Grace makes cookie decorating seem easy! I was so intimidated to try working with royal icing for the first time but after watching her videos and following along, I was able to produce some beautiful cookies...and some duds but practice makes perfect! ~Alexandra P.

Grace makes creating fun cookies by theme so easy for the very fresh beginner. Her step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow. She makes cookie-ing fun from the get-go! Craig S.

First off- the cookie designs are absolutely adorable and easy enough that you can make multiple dozens of cookies to share or sell! The class was very thorough and detailed from start to finish. I appreciate all the tips, tricks, and side notes that were added to help me bake and prep the icing as best and easy as possible. Thank you for putting all your hard work out there for us! Beginner cookier. ~Nicole B.

I have loved every class I have purchased from Grace. The beginner classes are great and provide the truly beginner enough knowledge to pick up and create something they can be proud of by the end of class. The newly improved written materials are worth every penny of the class with all information written and photographed to complete the set, plus additional basic knowledge of any and things you need to know about cookie-ing . Highly recommend. ~Tina R

I love everything about Grace and her classes! It was one of her beginner classes that fueled my relatively new passion for royal icing decorated cookies, and the half a dozen or more classes I’ve taken since have been instrumental in helping me hone my skills and giving me the confidence to create my own sets. Her materials are organized so well and her approach to the classes is fun and relaxing. Thank you for everything, Grace! ~Alexandra S.

I love how all-encompassing the purchased class was. The instructions were super detailed and structured so they were easy to follow for a beginner. I really think anyone with the want-to could easily follow the course and their cookies would turn out great. ~Kirsten J

I love these classes! Everything is so easy to follow and makes me feel like I am creating delicious and fun memories with my family! Even if you have zero experience, Grace makes beautiful cookie’s possible! ~Heather S.

I loved the level of detail provided in the class material. Between the course book and video, I felt confident making my first set of cookies. I refer back to my course material and Grace’s YouTube videos with each set of cookies I make, no matter the theme. This course made me discover a new hobby that I’ve fallen in love with. ~Sarah M.

I took one of Grace’s classes to learn about royal icing and the basics of decorating and I became obsessed! I’ve gotten much more confident in my decorating abilities and even made some sets for friends’ baby showers, birthdays, etc. But I keep coming back to Grace’s classes because they’re so fun and I learn something new from each one! Thank you for introducing me to my new favorite hobby! ~McKayla H

On Specific Classes: 

I had a lot of fun doing the beginner Christmas class with Grace. Her directions for preparation were crystal clear, and she includes plenty of modes of communication to make sure students understand. I would highly recommend her classes! ~Allison L

I had tried royal Icing before but never with a class. It always came out way to runny. When I tried the funky flowers course I got the right consistently pretty quickly and was very proud of the cookies I made. ~Rylee C.

I have enjoyed developing my skills with The Graceful Baker classes. I have purchased the Puppy and Plant classes and loved both of them. They gave me just the right amount of skills to improve technique but not overwhelm and deflate my confidence. ~Chelsey R.

I purchased your bridal shower class for a shower I hosted, her theme was Vueve Before Vows, so your color palette was perfect!! I was so happy with the results, my cookies looked great!! I learn a new “tidbit” in every class of yours I take. Thanks Grace, keep up the great work!! ~Ina G

I saw Grace’s Christmas cookie video on TikTok and decided to sign up for the class. I had never worked with royal icing or cut out cookies. The videos and step by step instruction were better than any in person class. I made the cutest cookies and literally became obsessed. ~Dena B.

I took the [strawberry] lemonade class last year, and it was so informative! Grace did a great job explaining and showing various techniques, tips, etc. I've watched almost all of her YouTube videos (I like to watch while I decorate cookies), and the class was so much more detailed. I can't wait to see what else she comes up with! - Kay V