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TUTTI FRUTTI ~ Advanced Beginner/Intermediate ~ Online Cookie Decorating Class (2022)

TUTTI FRUTTI ~ Advanced Beginner/Intermediate ~ Online Cookie Decorating Class (2022)

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Put your decorating skills to the test with our Tutti Frutti Online Cookie Decorating Class! Learn to craft vibrant and delicious fruit cookies. Learn the art of decorating delicious fruit-shaped cookies and make your sweet treats stand out from the rest! These designs are classic and simple, each with their own twist/technique/texture. You can easily incorporate any of these fruits into future sets. Who said baking can't be fun? Let's do this!

This class is considered advanced beginner OR intermediate because while the designs are simple, simple does not mean easy! This set is all about the color palette and consistencies (we're talking flooding small spaces with a soft peak piping consistency and more!). I do also give modifications for most designs to make them a little easier if needed.


This 2 hour class recording is delivered as if it was a live class, so you're transported right into my energy and will finish the class having completed the entire set of cookies.

By purchasing the class, you'll have access to the class recording, as well as a 63 page workbook to make this cookie journey as seamless and fun as possible. 

You will learn how to decorate (from start to finish) NINE cookies:

  1. Apple
  2. Orange
  3. Banana
  4. Peach
  5. Grapes
  6. Lemon
  7. Strawberry
  8. Pear
  9. Cherries

Skills covered in this class:

  • One AND two consistency outline and flood
  • Working with tipless bags (and cutting tipless bags)
  • Piping and flooding with a thick flood
  • Working with sprinkles
  • Flooding in sections
  • Bear technique
  • Wet on wet
  • Splatter technique
  • Basic pressure piping (strawberry seeds)

For those curious, these are the cutters needed for the class (there are also hand cutting guides in the workbook AND a discount for the cutters).


My classes are designed for success *no matter* how much experience you have with royal icing. Whether you've never touched it before or you've been working with royal icing for years, you are SURE to impress all of your friends and family with your edible creations thanks to my detailed instructions and warm approach! 

After purchasing the class, you will receive an email with a download link for the workbook. Included in the workbook is everything that you need to prep the icing and cookies for class, as well as the link to the class recording (housed as a private video on YouTube). 

Click here to check out FAQs for common questions about what's provided in the classes, etc.

Please note: there are no refunds, returns or exchanges, as the product (the workbook) is emailed immediately upon purchase. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sandra F.
Tutti Frutti

As a beginner I chose to decorate one design (peach) at a time. While my confidence level is low, the feedback is positive, so that being said I believe this class helps produce something you would be willing to share. I made 30 cookies for a baby shower. I have taken 3 classes previously. My biggest challenge is icing amounts and coloring which probably comes with practice. EVERYTHING is covered in all of The Graceful Baker's class videos. It is easy to understand the direction given on the video and having a handout by my side is helpful. I love Grace's personality and feel comfortable with her style of teaching. Can't wait to try the other styles in this collection.

I like the format, and the new downloads, and decorating cute fruit in prerry colors

While I pick up a lot of tips from her youtube shorts, and even the longer videos, it's nothing like have her walk me through a class, in real time. Her instruction downloads are very helpful. She gives you a timeline to get things done (cookies, then icing, then decorate) so that I was ready to decorate as the class went along. I also REALLY liked that there are two views: I can watch her decorate from the top birds' eye view, but she has a corner screen, where you see her decorating from the front view.
Grace is also very relaxed, admitting that even pros have problems, and how to fix them. She even purposefully did a few thing that then needed fixing, just to show up.
Oh, and in the class manual, she shows all the material you'll need, and even where to buy it. Some have links that will give you a discount. This class had a lot of colors, but she did try to limit them. She does tell you how to make them, just be aware of which bags are which, and how to properly make them. It was worth every bit of what I paid.

Lenna Aird

I had so much fun taking this class and they turned out super cute! I highly recommend taking this as a first intermediate class. Grace makes it super easy and I love that I can stop the video, rewind, whatever I need to do. Great class!

Robin Sweany

These cookies are adorable! My family hails from a fruit orchard, so I knew I had to make these. They have so much dimension and people couldn't believe that I made them myself!

So fun with the right amount of challenge

This was my first advanced beginner class and definitely a challenge, but I learned SO much along the way. The trickiest part is the cookie shapes, I’d recommend getting the cookie cutters, but overall a great weekend project and as always Grace’s instruction booklet and videos make it as simple as possible.