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What do I get when I purchase a class? 

  • A DIGITAL WORKBOOK: You will receive a link to download a carefully compiled 40+ page workbook that provides step-by-step photo instruction for each cookie, as well as details about everything you will need to purchase and prepare in advance of decorating your cookies along with the class recording.
  • CLASS RECORDING: You will receive a unique link to the private, pre-recorded class video. Your access to this link is good for as long as YouTube exists/for forever. The video is formatted in real time to emulate the experience of an in-person class, so it's fun and engaging!
  • QUESTIONS: Once you have access to the private youtube video, you may ask as many questions as you like via the comments section and they will get answered by Grace or a member of our small team (hosted on YouTube)

After I buy the class, what happens? What am I responsible for doing?

First, you'll receive two emails (one is your Shopify purchase confirmation the second is your dedicated downloads email). You can access your workbook downloads from both of these emails. 

One email is titled "The Graceful Baker Shop Order #XXXX Confirmed" and the other is "Your The Graceful Baker Shop #XXXX Downloads Are Ready".

Second, you will need to review the workbook and complete all of the prep work: 

  • Purchase cutters, ingredients, and all other necessary tools
  • Mix the dough and bake the cookies
  • Make the icing, color it, and mix consistencies

(all the information you need to do these things are extensively detailed in the workbook)

Third, set up your workspace, gather your cookies, tools, and icing, start the class video, and have fun decorating! 


Help! I'm having trouble accessing the workbook... 

Here is a detailed rundown of what happens after you make a purchase and how to access all the goodies:

Immediately after purchasing your class, you will receive two emails: one is a confirmation email from Shopify and the other contains direct links to all of your downloads. 

The first email subject line is “The Graceful Baker Shop Order #XXXX Confirmed" and the other is "Your The Graceful Baker Shop #XXXX Downloads Are Ready".

You can access your purchase from either of these emails. To access it from the order confirmation email, click on "view your order". This will open a window in a new tab. Then click on "access downloads". To access your purchase from the downloads email, simply click on "access downloads". 

These emails are sent to the email address you provided when placing your order. It is possible they went straight to your spam folder, so please be sure to check that folder if you don’t see them in your inbox!

After clicking on the link, the workbook file should automatically download to your computer (usually into a downloads folder). The workbook contains everything you need, including the links to purchase the cutters and for the class video. We recommend saving the workbook file to your computer in a location that you will remember, and bookmarking the class video in your browser. 

If nothing happens when you click the download link, and nothing appears in your download folder, then you might have a popup blocker setting on your browser. Try disabling the popup blocker. If that doesn’t work, try a different browser. (If you’re using a Mac, Safari sometimes has issues with this, but we find Chrome works more reliably.)

If you're using an iPhone, sometimes you have to click the circle icon in the lower right to open the file in an internet browser instead of the email app. (Generally speaking, we do not recommend accessing the class with an iPhone as the files have been optimized to work with a desktop or laptop computer.)

If you are still having trouble locating your purchase or have any other questions, please send us an email at hello@thegracefulbaker.com as it is the quickest way to receive a response!

Where do I find the class video? 

The link to the class video is located in the digital workbook. After downloading the workbook, open the file and locate the Table of Contents. Near the top of that page, there will be a "class video" line. Click on that, and it will bring you to the page with the video link.


What's included in the workbook?

So much!! Everything you need to know to bake your cookies, mix your icing, and prep your space. The workbook also includes the link to the class recording (hosted as a private video on YouTube).

Here are some screenshots below of the table of contents from the workbook: 


Can I print the workbook?

Yes! There are some practice pages that you will want to print. The practice sheet, for example, is meant to be printed to be used in class (that is the only page that needs to be printed for class use). 

And while we strongly recommend accessing the full workbook digitally as it has been optimized to be used that way, you can print it for handheld reference using your regular printer setup. We recommend printing double sided to save on paper.


Can I take the classes if I'm not based in the US? 

Yes! But please be aware that most of the recommended materials and required cookie cutters for our classes come from US-based small businesses, which might incur larger shipping costs if you are acquiring them from outside the US.

If you would like to cut down on shipping costs for this reason, we would recommend purchasing one of the one “shape” classes as they require fewer individual cutters and may even be a generic shape that you could find at your local shop.

Our beginner level classes also require fewer tools and extra materials like sprinkles, etc. so that may be a lower shipping cost option as well.


Which skill level is right for me? 

First off, I’d like to mention that ALL of my cookie decorating classes include the same cookie and icing prep regardless of the skill level. While others differentiate skill level partly based on how much prep is provided, I provide the same prep regardless and differentiate skill level based on the techniques covered in the set and amount of equipment required.

I believe anyone from a total beginner to intermediate/advanced cookiers can take any of my cookie decorating classes because there is always something to learn. Honestly, I made these cookie decorating classes because these are designs I’d make myself!

The way that I distinguish skill level is not just in terms of difficulty of techniques covered, but also into terms of time and financial investment. Typically (but not *always*), the intermediate classes are going to require a combination of more consistencies and colors (aka more prep time) and/or more sprinkles, cutters, tools, etc. (aka more money spent on supplies) than the beginner classes. 

You’ll also see that most of the classes are labeled with two skill levels like advanced beginner/intermediate. I largely do that because it really could go either way: for the advanced beginner cookier it will be more of a challenge, but for an intermediate cookier it will be more in their wheelhouse already.

Each skill level is classified as follows:

BEGINNERThese classes are typically best for those that have never decorated with royal icing before, or maybe just a handful of times, as I simplify the approach as much as possible. Or even if you do have a decent amount of experience, I recommend starting with one of my beginner classes so you can learn from me how I approach beginner decorating (every teach has a different approach, terminology, etc.) and can establish the best foundation for tackling my more advanced classes.

I use as few colors as possible and typically just one consistency (and many of the beginner classes use just one shape). These designs have beginners in mind as well, so I will often choose design elements that will hide common mistakes beginners make and I take care to reduce the amount of materials required. These parameters allow for less prep and investment all around.

ADVANCED BEGINNERI qualify an “advanced beginner” cookier as someone who has been working with royal icing for maybe a few months to a year and have learned the basics of royal icing. They have some experience working with more than one consistency and some additional techniques. At this point they are still not super confident in their skills, especially when it comes to getting the consistency right. That said, someone who aspires to be at the advanced beginner level can certainly just jump right into these classes!

These are a clear step up from beginner cookie decorating classes. We are using two consistencies (sometimes more) and often a custom set of cookie cutters. These sets tend to use more decorations/tools as well. That said, I’ve had many students take an advanced beginner class as their first experience with royal icing ever and they’ve loved it!

INTERMEDIATEI qualify an “intermediate” cookier as someone who has been working with royal icing for months/years and has a solid foundation of skills but is looking to refine them. They have experience with a variety of consistencies and techniques, and can more often than not get icing consistency right. Cookiers at this level are also more likely to already have a decent toolbox full of cookie decorating tools and decorations. That said, someone who aspires to be at the intermediate level can certainly just jump right into these classes!

These sets are more like how I would decorate cookies if I wasn’t doing it for a class. We decorate just as I would, not cutting any corners to make things easier 😉 Designs will often require more involved decorations and tools (such as luster dust) and will include more advanced icing techniques.


What’s the difference between your free resources (YouTube tutorial video) and the paid classes?

YouTube Tutorials

Our YouTube tutorials show you just one cookie at a time with a voiceover. There are no additional resources included with the video.


The paid classes include a 1-3 hour class video (anywhere from 3 to 12 cookies in a set) and a fabulous 40-90 page workbook (many people have said the class is worth the price just for the workbook!)

The workbook includes at least:

  • step-by-step written instructions for each cookie with photos and descriptions 
  • 10+ pages of instruction on icing prep
  • money saving tips
  • a detailed checklist for everything you need to prep before starting the class
  • a printable practice sheet that is used during the class

Things the class video includes that you won’t get from our YouTube tutorials:

  • Instruction on technique, like how to cut and hold icing bags
  • Piping practice
  • Decorating an entire set of cookies simultaneously, jumping around between cookies so that all cookies will be done at the same time, just a like an in person class!
  • Pauses to explain different techniques
  • Answers to ALL of your questions on the private YouTube link (we aren’t able to answer every question on our public YouTube videos)
  • Class videos are much longer than YT tutorials (e.g. the Beginner Hearts YT tutorial is 25 minutes and the class video is 2 hours)

Yes, I still offer a lot of resources free to the public on my blog and various social media platforms. But the difference here is that by purchasing one of my classes you are purchasing the convenience of me laying everything out step-by-step, imparting years of knowledge and exhaustive detail about every aspect of the process.

How long will I have access to the class recording?

Forever! As long as Youtube still exists, you will be able to access all the classes you have purchased.


How many times can I watch the video/download the workbook?

As many times as you need, no limit!


Can I give a class as a gift? 

Yes! There are 2 ways you can give a class as a gift:

  1. Purchase a gift card, which the recipient may then use to purchase a class of their choice.
  2. Purchase the class yourself and then forward the order confirmation and download emails to the recipient.

You can purchase a gift card here: https://thegracefulbakershop.com/products/the-graceful-baker-shop-gift-card

You can purchase classes here: https://thegracefulbakershop.com/collections/online-cookie-decorating-classes 

Is this class held live? 

All digital classes are pre-recorded. Similar to your favorite Youtube workouts, most of the classes are recorded at home in the TGB studio, but formatted in such a way to give you the feeling and flow of attending a live class. A small handful of early classes from 2022 are actually recorded from livestreamed classes (Beginner Easter Bunny, Beginner Dog, Strawberry Lemonade, Beginner Halloween and Beginner Pumpkins). 

Does the workbook have recipes for cookies and icing? 

Yes! Every single bit of information you need to prepare for the class is included in our extensively detailed workbooks.


Do I have to make the cookies and icing?

Yes. That is part of the fun of it!

Can I use premade cookie dough or mixes?

Short answer - no. We strongly recommend making your cookies at home using our cookie recipe, as it has been carefully formulated to give you a nice flat surface for decorating. Most cookie mixes, even if they provide instructions for making rolled cookies, will bake up with a puffy, domed surface. Same thing with premade dough. 

Royal icing needs to be applied to a perfectly flat surface, otherwise it will pool and drip off the sides of the cookie.

If you MUST take a shortcut, you can try scouring your local store for premade cookies with the flattest surface you can find. However, we make no guarantees about the results if you go this route.

Can I use premade icing or icing mixes?

We do not recommend using premade icing or icing mixes. The consistency of the icing you’ll be using is extremely important for royal icing cookies. We provide a specific recipe for you in the workbook so that you can achieve exactly the right consistency to complete the cookies as shown in the video. We also include troubleshooting instructions to alter your icing consistency as needed. 

If you are somewhat experienced with royal icing already and feel confident about using a mix, you are welcome to give it a try. Just be aware that we cannot vouch for your results and cannot help you troubleshoot it as it is not our recipe.


Are the cookie cutters included in the price of the class? 

They are not. If you're curious about what cutters are needed, they are listed in the descriptions of the class.


How much do supplies cost? 

This depends on which class you take, what supplies you already have, and where you can source your supplies from. Here you can check out basic supplies/tools etc for baking and decorating. Aside from common household items like pans, etc, here are some estimates for the more specific tools/ingredients needed: 

  • Food coloring: $10-20 
  • Tipless bags: $8-10 
  • Meringue powder (for the icing; can be used multiple times depending on the size): $10-20 
  • Cookie cutters: $5-40 (depends on the class; all class descriptions have a link to the cutters used)
  • Scribe: $5-15 (but you can also just use a toothpick!)
  • Ingredients for one batch of cookies/icing (flour, sugar, eggs, butter, cornstarch, salt, vanilla, powdered sugar, lemon juice, meringue powder): $20-40 
  • Some classes may require things like sprinkles, edible glitter, sprinkle eyes, etc (this is usually for the more advanced classes; while these items all have a specific purpose, I almost always provide an alternative if you really must omit them): $10-40 

You can check out some general guidance here on how to save money with cookie decorating. All 2023 classes also include tips in the workbook on how to decorate cookies on a budget.


Where do I get access to the workbook + recording? 

An email to download the workbook will be sent after you purchase the class. The class recording is included as a link within the workbook. 


Are there hand cutting guides in the workbook for the cookie shapes? 

A small number of our classes include hand cutting guides, but most do not. The classes that DO have hand cutting guides are: 

  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Beginner Dog 
  • Frozen Treats 
  • Tutti Frutti


Can I teach one of your classes as a class of my own (either in person or online)? 

No. All class contents are the intellectual property of The Graceful Baker® and are NOT to be shared, re-sold or re-used for other educational purposes for anyone outside of your own personal use. 


Can I sell cookies using the designs from these classes? 

Yes! Please be sure to purchase the class first. 


Do you sell your cookies/can I buy cookies from you?  

At this time, Grace does not sell her cookies. If you would like to support her and her work, you can check out her content on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat, as well as her online classes and blog.


How long does it actually take to decorate the cookies?  

On average, anywhere from 1-5 hours. This of course will vary greatly from person to person. 

It is useful to note that the length of the class video does not determine the length it will take to finish the cookies, as there are places you will want to pause it to rewatch something or let icing dry in between steps. Total decorating time will almost always be longer than the duration of the class video.

How long does it take to prepare for the class?

This varies from person to person, but here are our general estimates:

  • Get supplies/review workbook: 1 hour
  • Make cookies: 1.5 hours
  • Make icing, color, consistencies: 2 hours
  • Decorate: 1-5 hours
  • In total: 5-10 hours (in the workbook we recommend breaking it down over at least 2 or 3 days to make it more manageable)


Can I get a refund or exchange a class? 

We do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges on classes. We hope you understand.


Decorating with a group and not sure if you need to purchase more than one class?

In the ideal world, and especially as a small business, there would be a class purchased for each person decorating (which some of y’all do, and thank you!!).

But this is 2024 and funds are tight, so I completely understand when it’s not!

As an alternative option, I’ve added an optional tip function on the checkout page (seen in the photo above). So, if you’re decorating with a group of friends or family you now have the option to throw a little extra in as a thanks for providing the resources for a group activity.

Please note that this tip function is only supported in the “guest checkout” setup. It does not show up when you use any of the express checkout functions (ShopPay, PayPal, etc.).

Bottom line, I’m just happy you’re here and so grateful you’ve chosen to purchase one of my classes! So however you choose to purchase a class is very much appreciated :)