What do I get with a class purchase? 

  • WORKBOOK: A 40+ page workbook that details everything you need to purchase and prepare in advance of decorating your cookies along with the recording, as well as step-by-step photo instruction for each cookie
  • RECORDING: Access to the pre-recorded class recording via a private page for as long as YouTube exists/for forever. This is delivered as if it was life, so it's fun and engaging!
  • QUESTIONS: Questions can be asked of me regarding the class in the comments sections on the recording (housed on YouTube)

After I buy the class, what happens? What am I responsible for doing?

First, you'll receive two emails (one is your Shopify purchase confirmation the second is your dedicated downloads email). You can access your workbook downloads from both emails. 

Second, review the workbook and complete all of the prep work: 

  • Mix the dough and bake the cookies (my cookie recipe is in the workbook as well as links to purchase cookie cutters for shapes)
  • Make, color, mix consistencies and bag the icing (there are extensive instructions on my icing recipe and how to prep the icing before class in the workbook)
  • Purchase all ingredients and tools (cutters, sprinkles, ingredients, etc--links are provided for all in the workbook--and it's made clear what are bare minimum purchases and what is optional but adds to the experience)

Third, watch the class video and have fun decorating! 

Which skill level is right for me? 

First off, I’d like to mention that ALL of my cookie decorating classes include the same cookie and icing prep regardless of the skill level. While others differentiate skill level partly based on how much prep is provided, I provide the same prep regardless and differentiate skill level based on the techniques covered in the set.

I believe anyone from a total beginner to intermediate+ can take any of my cookie decorating classes because there is always something to learn and, heck, I made these cookie decorating classes because these are designs I’d make myself!

And here is how I classify each skill level:

BEGINNER: These cookie decorating classes are especially designed for those who have never worked with royal icing before. I use as few colors as possible and typically just one consistency (and my more recent cookie decorating classes focus on using just one shape). These designs have beginners in mind as well, so I will often choose design elements that will hide common mistakes beginners make and as much as possible I reduce any extras needed like tools, sprinkles or cookie cutters. These parameters allow for less prep and investment all around.

ADVANCED BEGINNER: These are a clear step up from beginner cookie decorating classes. We are using two consistencies (sometimes more) and often a custom set of cookie cutters. These sets tend to use more decorations/tools as well. That said, I’ve had many students take an advanced beginner class as their first experience with royal icing ever and they’ve loved it!

INTERMEDIATE: These sets are more like how I would decorate cookies if I wasn’t doing it for a class. We decorate just as I would, not cutting any corners to make things easier 😉 Designs will often require more involved decorations and tools, such as luster dust.

What's included the in the workbook?

So much!! Everything you need to know to prep your cookies and icing to decorate. The workbook also includes the link to the class recording (housed as a private video on YouTube).

Check out some screenshots below of the table of contents from the workbook: 

image of table of contents for workbook for online cookie decorating class

image of table of contents for workbook for online cookie decorating class

Can I print the workbook?

Yes, technically, you can! That said, so much of the workbook is best used as a digital resource. There are tons of live links within the workbook, some direct to different pages within the workbook for easier navigation and many direct to websites outside of the workbook (to my blog, YouTube, products to buy, etc). 

What’s the difference between Grace's free resources (YouTube tutorial video) and the paid classes?

YouTube Tutorials

My YouTube tutorials show you one cookie at a time and I’m just doing a voiceover over the decorating video I already filmed. There are no additional resources included with the video.


The class that you purchased include 1-3 hour class video and a 40-90 page workbook—many people have said the class is worth is just for the workbook.

The workbook includes (as some examples): step-by-step written instructions for each cookie (including photos and descriptions), 10+ pages of how to prep your icing for the set (how much icing, colors, mixing consistencies, etc), ways to save money when executing this particular set, pre-viewing checklist (everything that needs to be prepped before decorating), and a printable practice sheet that is used during the class.

The class recording is very different from the YouTube tutorial: it starts with how to cut/hold the bags, piping practice and then the decorating is done jumping around steps in different cookies so they’re all done at the same time (just like I would decorate myself). The recording is much longer as I’m demonstrating different techniques and pausing to explain things (much more information than I can give in the YouTube tutorials that don’t stop). The videos are all private YouTube videos and I do welcome questions in the comments section which I always answer (on my public YouTube I’m not able to answer all questions).

Will I have access to the recording for forever?

Yes! Well, as long as YouTube exists ;) 

Is this class held live? 

For all classes you will be purchasing a recording. A handful of the earlier classes from 2022 were originally held live (it's not in the descriptions of each class if it was originally held live), so you will be purchasing a recording of the live class. For the remainder of the classes, they are all pre-recorded. But don't worry, I conduct it like it's live (I do one take--no edits!) so you'll still feel that energy :)

Does the workbook have recipes for cookies and icing? 

Yup! Everything you need (recipes, links to purchase products, etc) are listed in the workbook!

Do I have to make the cookies and icing?

Yup! Everything you need to know about making the cookies and icing is in the workbook :)

Are the cookie cutters included in the price of the class? 

They are not. If you're curious about what cutters are needed, they are listed in the descriptions of the class.

How much do supplies cost? 

The answer to this really depends on which class you take, what supplies you already have and where you can source your supplies from. Here you can check out basic supplies/tools etc for baking and decorating. Aside from the basic things like pans, etc, here are some estimates for the most specific tools/ingredients needed: 

  • Food coloring: $10-20 
  • Tipless bags: $8-10 (depending on the set you can just use Ziploc bags) 
  • Meringue powder (for the icing; can be used multiple times depending on the size): $10-20 
  • Cookie cutters: $5-40 (depends on the class; all class descriptions have a link to the cutters used; classes with just a circle can use a water glass) 
  • Ingredients for one batch of cookies/icing (flour, sugar, eggs, butter, cornstarch, salt, vanilla, powdered sugar, lemon juice): $20-40 
  • Some classes will require/or have as optional things like sprinkles, edible glitter, sprinkle eyes, etc (this is usually for the more advanced classes; I almost always provide an alternative if you don't want to buy them/or omit): $10-40 

You can check out some general guidance here on how to save money with cookie decorating. All 2023 classes also include guidance in the workbook on how to save money with that particular class/ 

Where do I get access to the workbook + recording? 

An email to download the workbook will be sent after you purchase the class. The class recording is included as a link within the workbook. 

Are there hand cutting guides in the workbook for the cookie shapes? 

A couple of my classes have hand cutting guides, however most do not. Unfortunately, this choice is not up to me as these cutter shapes are the intellectual property of the cookie cutter maker. 

Can I teach one of your classes as a class of my own (either in person or online)? 

The content of this class (videos, photos and written content) is for personal use only. All class contents are the intellectual property of The Graceful Baker® and are NOT to be shared, re-sold or re-used for other educational purposes for anyone outside of your own personal use. 

Can I sell cookies using the designs from these classes? 

Provided that you have purchased the class then, yes, absolutely!