image of Grace Gaylord aka The Graceful Baker

The force behind the wildly successful Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat, Grace Gaylord (aka The Graceful Baker) is a full-time Cookie Artist & Content Creator. Completely self-taught, she has poured countless hours into mastering royal icing and growing a community of loyal followers who turn to her both for decorating tutorials and royal icing prowess, as well as a source for stress-relief, highly effective child entertainment (it’s true!) and a side of education about lesser-known topics.

Not only is Grace well-known as a content creator, but she's now becoming one of the most popular sources for online cookie decorating classes (especially for total beginners to royal icing). 

Born and raised in Vermont, her roots are in the woods but her heart is here in New York City. Grace is thrilled to be sharing her nuggets of cookie wisdom with you!