Why take my classes?

What makes my cookie decorating classes unique?

When I set out to create online cookie decorating classes in April of 2022, I wanted to create a product that was approachable, accessible and unique to my style.

Decorating cookies with royal icing can be such a fun activity, but it can also be very frustrating and tears-inducing (believe me, I’ve been there!).

I’m completely self-taught (when I started decorating 10+ years ago my resources were blog posts and YouTube videos). Now that I’m in a position to teach what I’ve learned, it’s my goal to make this a smoother and easier process than if you were to embark on this on your own.

So, let’s talk about some of the biggest reasons why my classes are unique and stand out amongst other cookie decorating class offerings.


My resources are top-notch

When you purchase one of my classes, you’ll receive access to a 40+ page PDF workbook and a private class video (the link of which is located within the workbook).

WORKBOOK: If you read through the reviews on my classes, you’ll see that many people say the class price is worth it just for the workbook.

The workbook lays everything out step-by-step so you can stress less and have more fun! Believe me, this workbook is more extensive than any other on the market.

CLASS VIDEO: And then there’s the class video: all of my classes (aside from the first 5 that I ever did) are pre-recorded, but they don’t have a pre-recorded feel. That is because I film the classes *as if* they were live. I film them in one take, only making significant edits after the fact if I forget to say something I want to make sure is included (which happens, I’m human!).

So many people have said it’s just like I’m in the room with them. My mom loves that she gets to spend the afternoon with me ;)

As long as you know what you get when you purchase one of my classes — yes, you have to bake your own cookies and make your own icing (make sure you check out the FAQs page), you won’t regret it!


I design my classes SPECIFICALLY for the at-home baker

I spend a lot of time designing my classes, because I want to make sure that every decision is intentional and has a purpose.

I do my best to simplify and streamline every aspect of the process, from how many cutters are required, the number of colors, consistencies, special tools and decorations.

If I include a sprinkle, it’s because I think it makes a difference.

I limit my beginner classes to 3-4 colors, and my more advanced to 5-6 (whenever possible) 

A lot of my classes use just one shape: at this point I think it’s safe to say I’m a bit of a pioneer in the cookie world for making entire sets and classes with just one shape.

My beginner classes (for the most part) use just ONE consistency.

There’s even a section in all of my recent workbooks called “Ways to save money” where I address general and specific to the class ways to save money with this cookie decorating endeavor.

All of these choices mean you have to spend less time prepping and less money spent on supplies.


I have THE best classes on the market for total beginners

All of my “beginner” classes require the least amount of time and resource investment of any other beginner classes on the market.

That is, as long you understand that I don’t ship out premade cookies or icing ;)

Why are they the best for beginners?

  • Most are one shape (less money spent on cutters)
  • Most are one consistency (less time spent prepping)
  • Most use little to no extra tools or decorations (less money spent on tools and decorations)
  • Designs are simplified as much as possible (maximum impact with minimum time)
  • When possible, I give additional recommendations for how to further simplify and save money/time

    You won’t find a more beginner-friendly cookie decorating class on the market. If you’ve found a better one, please let me know!


    Anyone can take my classes

    All of my class designs are cookies that I would make myself, even if it wasn’t for a class. Just because it’s “beginner” and simple, doesn’t mean it’s not worth the time of a more advanced cookier!

    It’s always been my belief that every cookier should have those easy/simple designs in their back pocket when they need to crank out a lot of designs.

    I pride myself on being able to simplify designs down to the very essence. Less is more!

    And even if you already “know” how to do the designs in my classes, chance are I’ll have a different approach or nugget of wisdom that might help you in your cookie journey. No two cookiers are exactly the same, so there’s always something that can be learned!

    Generally speaking, yes, my more advanced classes have more advanced techniques, but they also tend to require more time and resource investment. So as long as you’re willing to commit to that, I gotchu!

    Even total beginners are equipped to take ANY of my classes because I provide the same amount of prep support and detailed information no matter the skill level.


    Great for any occasion

    While I’m always building upon my library of classes, you’ll find a good variety of themes covered in my class offerings.

    From holidays to major occasions to just-for-fun themes.

    There are also a variety of skill levels.

    And a variety of time/investment required to execute the designs.

    Great for decorating with kids, in a small group, solo or with a loved one.

    Because of how simplified and approachable my classes are, they’re really great for a variety of occasions!


    My #goodenough attitude

    If you’ve taken any of my classes already, you’ll know what I mean.

    As a recovering perfectionist, it’s been my own personal journey to channel a #goodneough attitude when it comes to my cookie decorating.

    Decorating cookies with royal icing is already stressful enough, why make it harder on yourself?

    I always say at the beginning of my classes there are two way to take my classes:

    1. Aim to do everything perfectly exactly as I do it
    2. Aim to have fun and learn something new

      And I ALWAYS encourage everyone to go with #2.

      I hate to break it to you, but your cookies aren’t going to look like mine ;) I’ve been working with this medium for more than a decade, so one (or even 10 classes) isn’t going to put you at the same level as me.

      And that’s OK. In fact, it’s more than ok! I always encourage you to just make notes of what went well and what didn’t go well, so that next time you tackles cookies you know where and how to improve.

      I even intentionally (or unintentionally) make mistakes at times during class so you can see how to fix them.

      Decorating cookies is my happy place. It’s my creative outlet and form of stress relief (except when it’s not because, well, it’s my job LOL). And I want it to be YOUR happy place too :)


      What’s the difference between my online classes and my free content?

      YouTube Tutorials

      My YouTube tutorials show you one cookie at a time and I’m just doing a voiceover over the decorating video I already filmed. There are no additional resources included with the video.


      The class that you purchased includes 1-3 hour class video and a 40-90 page workbook—many people have said the class is worth it just for the workbook.

      The workbook includes (as some examples): step-by-step written instructions for each cookie (including photos and descriptions), 10+ pages of how to prep your icing for the set (how much icing, colors, mixing consistencies, etc), ways to save money when executing this particular set, pre-viewing checklist (everything that needs to be prepped before decorating), and a printable practice sheet that is used during the class.

      The class recording is very different from the YouTube tutorial: it starts with how to cut/hold the bags, piping practice and then the decorating is done jumping around steps in different cookies so they’re all done at the same time (just like I would decorate myself).

      The recording is much longer as I’m demonstrating different techniques and pausing to explain things (much more information than I can give in the YouTube tutorials that don’t stop). The videos are all private YouTube videos and I do welcome questions in the comments section which I always answer (on my public YouTube I’m not able to answer all questions).

      Yes, I still offer a lot of resources free to the public on my blog and various social media platforms. But the difference here is that by purchasing one of my classes you are purchasing the convenience of me laying everything out step-by-step, imparting years of knowledge in every corner.


      But if my classes aren't right for you, that’s OK!

      While I’m incredibly proud of the classes that I offer and I firmly believe they are worth the money (and then some), there are definitely other ways to offer cookie decorating classes that might be more suitable to your needs.

      Other classes can offer you:

      • Different decorating styles
      • Different skill levels
      • Different teaching styles
      • Different delivery formats (a class platform that you log into, a Facebook group, etc.)
      • Different ways to interact and create a community (many classes offer something like a Facebook group where you can ask questions and share photos of your

        I will absolutely not be offended if you prefer a different teacher’s classes. 

        That said, I do ask that you clearly read the FAQs page of my website before you send me an angry email telling me that I falsely advertised what’s included in my classes ;)  

        To each their own! Truly. I’ve taken a few classes myself in the last couple years, and I’ve loved some of the classes I’ve taken and very much thought others were a waste of my money.


        Accessible price point

        I very intentionally priced my classes in an “impulse buy” kinda price point.


        I know that the supplies, tools, decorations and ingredients can really add up with cookie decorating, so I wanted the price of my classes to be as accessible as possible.

        I could charge more, but I choose not to. Because I want more people to experience this kind of joy!

        You can even save MORE money by taking advantage of the site-wide bundle discounts that are always available.

        I’m confident that the value of my classes is worth more than the price point. Just take one class and you’ll know what I mean!