Collection: Purchase Recommendation: SIX CLASSES - skill level progression

(in increasing difficulty order—recommended for total beginners and beyond) 

The ultimate progression from super beginner to more advanced. Select one class from each category. Truly you cannot go wrong with the class you pick as long as it’s from one of those recommended categories. But if you MADE me pick one from each category, this is what I’d recommend. First choice from each category, plus some honorable mentions to ADD (if you want) that cover additional techniques NOT included in the first choice. 

  1. Category 1: Beginner Hearts (the most wet on wet techniques, crackle, basic sprinkle applications)
  2. Category 2: Beginner Halloween (cutouts, crackle, wet on wet, an alternative to flooding for more texture variation, fun addition of edible glitter)
    • Beginner Christmas (excellent alternative just doesn't have cutouts or edible glitter)
    1. Category 3: Beginner Fall (flooding in sections, 2.0 application of wet on wet and crackle)
    2. Category 4: Gingerbread Sweeties (simplest introduction to 2 consistency outline & flood) //OR// Strawberry Lemonade (more diverse techniques covered, including leaf tip and bear technique)
      • Classic Christmas - knife technique
      • Pumpkin Spice - knit technique
      • Pie Pie Pie - 3 different pie crusts 
    3. Category 5: Sweet Hearts (brush embroidery, pressure piped hearts + beaded border, flooding in sections, complex wet on wet, line work)
      • Easter Eggs - grass, cookie crackle, splatter 
      • Cozy Fall - cable knit and basic pie crust
      • Candy Canes - candy cane technique, avoiding craters, basic lettering 
    4. Category 6: Christmas Trees (gold painting, brush embroidery, cutouts, pressure piping, painting with icing, crackle, detail line work, using a piping tip)
      1. Bridal Shower - most challenging lettering covered

    Additional recommendations if you’re going for all six categories: 

    • Choose Beginner Fall + Cozy Fall OR Sweet Beginner Halloween + Halloween Cuties so you can double up on savings and use the same set of cutters! 
    • Pick a different theme/holiday for each category that you’d want to make for friends and family