Collection: Purchase Recommendation: FOUR CLASSES

(increasing difficulty order—recommended for total beginners and beyond) 

A medium condensed trajectory from super beginner to more advanced. Select one class from each of the following categories (my top recommendations for each listed). You really CANNOT go wrong with the class you pick as long as it’s from one of those recommended categories! I’ve just given my recommendations for those who would like more guidance.

  1. Category 1: Beginner Hearts
  2. Category 2 or Category 3: Beginner Halloween //OR// Beginner Christmas //OR// Beginner Winter //OR// Beginner Summer 
  3. Category 4: Strawberry Lemonade //OR// Pumpkin Spice //OR// Classic Christmas //OR// Gingerbread Sweeties //OR// Under the Sea 
  4. Category 5 or Category 6: Sweet Hearts //OR// Cozy Fall //OR// Candy Canes //OR// Easter Eggs //OR// Halloween Cuties //OR// Christmas Trees //OR// Beach Day //OR// Birthday